Process with prowess

By Jewels March 24, 2021

For 20 years, we’ve been working across government, education, finance & not-for-profit sectors to deliver end-to-end digital and print services. Strategy, creative & UX design, digital integrations, support and SEO/SEM.

Over all of these years; countless projects, launches & clients, we’ve refined our process to keep our projects on track, ensuring that they deliver on time & budget – and most importantly, to expectations. Here’s how our projects are usually structured, 

The project journey


Arguably the most important phase, what is decided here sets the stage for the entire project. We establish client goals, target audience/s and personas and detailed feature requests. This informs the brief, and allows us to deliver an end result which does what it says on the packet.

We often flesh out wireframes to clearly visualise the content hierarchy and aid in content discovery and priority.


Several mock-ups are developed encapsulating all of the planning and discovery phases into a rich, visual representation. We can start to really imagine how your audience/s will interact with it. Reviews & refinements are made to arrive at final approved concepts to proceed into the build phase.


The tech team build your development framework based on the requirements for your project. We build out several templates based on the approved designs and integrate transitional effects and movement to exploit the digital medium. The build is extensively tested across devices and browsers to make sure everything is behaving as intended.


Once we’re happy with how its singing & dancing on our end – we’ll send a link to a staging environment were you can preview the new site, with content yet to be added.

Training & Content

We give you a run-down on how the site works, so you can manage it moving forward. We have a user guide and are always around to answer any questions on how to optimise your content for aesthetics & search engines.

Go time

When it’s ready for ‘go live’, we take one last parse through to ensure your content is looking its best, before we send it off into the world.

Support & maintenance

We’re here beyond launch to optimise your site performance, using google analytics reporting and monthly updates & health checks. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership where we understand the user and business objectives and deliver on these throughout all campaigns and goal-setting.


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