Project Name

eLearning Internal Modules, Posters



What we did

  • Print
  • UX / Strategy

Firefly were approached by AMP to visually revamp their internal e-Learning tools. After extensive investigation it became clear that their current online tools were not engaging their internal staff and external partners. The delivery of the information and passing of online tests were mandatory, so it was essential that the UX was thoroughly reworked within the limitations of the software platform.

The design treatment provided the visual style for and include key elements such as the main menu, navigation and content objects. Design samples were developed for activities of each interaction type, including multiple choice, drag and drop, constrained select, tabbed panels, and video playback.

In conjuction with redeveloping the UX and interface design for these modules, Firefly also developed several branded campaign posters that were to be distributed throughout the AMP offices and partner offices, to help drive home key messaging.

Key Features

  • Rationalisation of the wireframes
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Engaging interactive components
  • Easy to complete tasks
  • Branded campaign strategies


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