Exhibition stands and marketing collateral

Project Name

Exhibition Stands, Banners, Video Stings, EDMs, DIY Campaign, Brochure



What we did

  • Animation
  • Brand
  • Exhibition
  • Infographics
  • Print
  • Video

Over the years Citrix has commissioned Firefly to develop a range of event branding assets, including intro and outro video stings to kick off and end their annual iForum conferences.

Each video sting had distinct messaging, and a defined look and feel, with a accompanying high energy, aspirational soundtrack.

Often animation, infographics, bold imagery, and dynamic graphic elements were utilised to achieve high impact within 60 seconds.


Other projects have included exhibition signage and displays, competition posters, speaker support, entry forms, and brochures. Each conference event had a unique theme for which Firefly were tasked to develop branded assets accordingly.

As Citrix has a strong global brand identity, Firefly worked closely to brief and developed designs that were vibrant and innovative, while still adhering to the brand guidelines.

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