Project Name

Website, Abby Games, Universal Media Player, Rocketball Rumble, Give Me a Clue Voice Integration


Sesame Street Workshop

What we did

  • Animation
  • Apps
  • Games
  • UX / Strategy
  • Video

Over the years, Sesame Street Workshop have called on the Firefly development team to help finesse and streamline several of their digital assets, including their website, universal media player, and numerous online games and interactives.

Firefly worked in partnership with Sesame Street and Liferay to develop a new innovative player for Sesame’s video, game and curated educational content. Dubbed the Universal Media Player (UMP), the UMP is an all new dynamic player which optimises content display and playback for a seamless user experience; regardless of whether users are accessing from their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Not only is the environment intuitive to the user’s device, it also features a continual adaptable playlist which propagates and suggests content dynamically. Games and videos are suggested based on content the user’s likes. Manual filters can be set to allow parents to load content for their child based on a favourite Muppet, age or topic.

The player includes an extensive library of content, with over 4,000 videos available for computer and android devices, more than 2,400 videos for iPhone/iPads, 40 Android games and 20 new games designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad with more on the way, all in upgraded video quality that has serious visual impact.

The Results for UMP

  • Mobile handset and Tablet optimised layouts and content
  • Custom Google Analytics tracking enabled for rich media content
  • Content playback was optimised for each platform, with graceful fallback to provide the richest experience for the widest range of users


A simple “thank you” just does not cover the gratitude I have for the Firefly Interactive team. It’s incredible to find people of your talent, experience and professionalism.

Keren Merimah
Project Manager
Sesame Workshop

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