Project Name

Out and About with Sophie and Tom, But Why eBooks, Who Is eBooks


Transport NSW

What we did

  • Animation
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Infographics
  • Print
  • UX / Strategy
  • Video

Firefly was approached by Transport NSW to develop a series of fun, resources for the SafetyTown website, which focuses on road safety for children.

‘Safety Town’ is a collection of interactive learning resources designed to help kindergarten students gain a better understanding of road safety concepts.

The “Who Is…” series of eBooks present safety messages in a way that is familiar and fun for early primary school children. The books are designed to be experienced with a parent or teacher and each page offers a picture fragment for the child to guess what’s going on. Topics include seat belts, helmets and holding hands while crossing the road.

Out And About With Sophie And Tom shows how these concepts might look in the real world. Students may choose from a collection of beautifully illustrated and intricately detailed holiday environments (such as snow or beach) and explore to see how the inhabitants are keeping safe in various situations.

Key features

  • Detailed illustrations help students visualise road scenarios in different environments
  • Audio narration by Justine Clarke both reinforces the text and makes it accessible to non-readers
  • Creates discussion points around various scenarios where children may find themselves near roads or around cars.
  • Audio interactive eBooks
  • Fun flip book style
  • Online support resources for teachers and parents
  • Easy to access on school smartboards
  • Accessible on tablet and desktop


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