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Medechart approached Firefly with an entrepreneurial idea to design and develop a cloud-based online application that allowed health professionals to record and track patient progression.

Working collaboratively with the client who had extensive experience in the health industry, Firefly commenced with a comprehensive discovery phase to understand the nuances of the audience requirements. As the application was designed to serve as interactive clinical notes for physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and musculoskeletal specialists, it was paramount that we understood the workflow and ideal outcome for these health professionals.

The application creates treatment notes using body charts, clickable hot-spots and measurement sliders to measure pain and mobility in real-time.

Graphs are then generated from the measurements, allowing the practitioner and patient to view and analyse trends in progress over time. This data is then converted to text which can be digitally copied and pasted into your practice management system.



I found the creative process exciting and inclusive. It allowed our ideas to expand and develop into a thoughtful and functional product. 

Andrew Shepherd
Director, Medechart


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